Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the presentations that I was looking forward to seeing due to my uncle’s untimely passing (memorial soon). Luckily for me however, I have the privilege of being friends with one of the graduating students presenting that night and was preview to his work as he was in the process of doing it. 

Vince’s style is amazingly fresh and clean and have always been a huge fan of his work. Being in so many classes of his, it was interesting to see him grow as an artist and watch his final senior project grow from start to finish.

For his non-profit, Vince chose Slow Down Center City. His basic concept was to create a food awareness campaign to help spread their messages to a wider audience. The infographics he made were some of my personal favorites, especially the longer graphic for the Every Day Food Survey. Watching him create the individual pieces and change the arrangement, type and color several times was an intriguing “behind the scenes” look. The final product was amazing and the color scheme worked well.

The amount of information that Vince was able to communicate through the infographics was remarkable. He made statistics and other vast bodies of information, easily accessible and able to understand quickly.

From the Food Map, to the app and to the magazine cover he created, all of the work was perfect together.The stand out features of design to me was how clean and expertly simple that the graphics were and that they were able to communicate a wealth of knowledge with ease. I’m very happy to call this man my friend and he is definitely one of the most talented designers that I have had the pleasure of meeting at the Art Institute.

View this work and more of his at:



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