Visiting Red Tettemer in the center of Philadelphia was an eye opening and mind expanding experience for me. First of all, our guide was very informative and every single employee that we ran into, was beyond wiling to talk to us no matter how busy they were. 

As far as the work that they do there, I was blown away. Some of their best known projects are their “Get Caught In Swarnoski” campaign, advertising for Dove, “Judgement Free Zone” for Planet Fitness, and Under Armor.

Aside from their incredible work, one of my favorite things in passing was a wagon full of most of their awards in a corner of the front office. I thought this was amazing that it wasn’t just about the recognition. 

I never really thought of working at an advertising agency but with all of the creatives that work there and the work that they have done, I was blown away. Another thing I never imagined was liking an agency IN Philadelphia, seeing as I am not a big fan of city life. The view from all of the offices is breathtaking. 

I can definitely see myself working at this agency and I am beyond happy that Diane Zatz was able to organize this for us and get us to go there. This trip definitely changed my mind about agency life and completely changed my views on advertising. This is something I definitely want to explore further with my design. Maybe my work could lead to an internship or maybe even a job offer one day.ImageImageImageImage


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