Learn To Love The Struggle… And sell, sell, sell!

“It’s easy to feel insecure, and even uncomfortable when faced with self-promotion. The solution to the doubts about putting yourself front and center is to learn to love it — not the act, but the struggle.”

So I just watched my first (of about 8) James Victore videos entitled “Learn To Love The Struggle… And sell, sell, sell!”. His youtube segment “Burning Questions” is incredibly interesting and helpful. James Victore is an extremely funny man and in my opinion, pretty wise.

Much like Victore, I am very uncomfortable putting myself in the forefront and promoting myself constantly. I am not a salesman by any means. However, one thing I am, is insanely confident and passionate about my work. 

I would definitely agree with Victore about learning to love the struggle of this particular problem. If I didn’t try to overcome this kind of problem, I would never get any work or any clients. Since I’ve started at the Art Institute, I’ve actually grown out of this problem and have learned more and more as the days go by about promoting myself.


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