On October 17th, I was incredibly lucky to receive the opportunity to visit the Cloud Geshan Studio in Philadelphia to see what they do. The work they do there is incredible and I am beyond thankful to them and my teacher for giving us the chance to get a behind the scenes look at their works. Oddly enough, I must say that my favorite part of the entire trip was a room that our class had placed our bags and things in before beginning the tour, and was never expanded upon later in the visit. That is until the tour ended and I looked through the presentation materials as a video explaining the memorial, location and the purpose, as well as asking the team members walking around the studio.

The piece that I am talking about is a memorial dedicated to WOUNDED soldiers and not just the deceased. This is (as explained to me by someone who has been working on it for quite a while) the first of its kind. As was explained to me, the memorial has been underway for 20 years now and is quite massive in scale, with a view straight to the capital building. There are massive glass frames the juxtapose quotes of survivors and important figures, with images of soldiers in and out of combat. These panels were layered to give everything an almost surreal, 3D effect.

I was very impressed and happy with the idea and the fact that it will be open this time next year! I have known many people who have suffered a variety of injuries, some visible and others not, from combat throughout the decades. You only ever seem to see memorials and monuments for those who have served our country and lost their lives for their country, but what about the men and women who serve their country to protect our freedoms, and suffer fates worse than death and live with that everyday until finally it ends. It is about time someone dedicated something to their honor.


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